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Building Value

Zuccala Homes is a competitive builder offering an extensive generous list of inclusions while providing real value for money in terms of design, flexibility, quality materials and award winning building processes.

Zuccala Homes has been building quality homes since 1957. Our history and reputation provides customers with confidence and comfort knowing we have stood the test of time and have a long list of happy customers.

Zuccala is a family company based on the old fashioned virtues of integrity, honesty and commitment. You can’t put a price on it when comparing square metre for square metre. It’s something that becomes apparent as the years pass.

There’s a real difference between a bargain and an investment. So talk to people who have built new homes and compare the experience. Many of our clients are building with us a second time or have been referred by friends or parents because they appreciate the value of quality fittings, generous inclusions and real customer service – person to person.

Ultimately, value means a builder with the flexibility and enthusiasm to work with you to create your dream home – not a cheap compromise.

“Time is the ultimate test of building quality” – the first Zuccala home was built in 1957. As a company we are proud of our family values, we take great pride in our workmanship and knowledge that generations of satisfied people enjoy living in a Zuccala built home. Right from the very start, Zuccala established a reputation for exceeding customers expectations.

  • We use seasoned stabilised structural framing timber, three coats of paint on walls, heavy duty framing studs and galvanized lintels.
  • All our homes meet current six star energy requirements.
  • Upgraded fittings, and a generous set of standard inclusions with great provision for storage sets us a part.

Our reputation for service grew out of our ethos as a family company building homes for families. Today service is clearly one of our key points of difference according to the many letters we receive from satisfied clients.

  • Our customers are never numbers, addresses or contracts. They are real people with real needs, concerns, dreams and expectations.
  • We begin by listening carefully, answering truthfully and keeping in contact long after the completion of their home and the three month maintenance check. We return phone calls promptly, explain fully and always act with integrity.
  • We are open and honest in our communication to provide you with the answers you need.

Zuccala homes is a flexible builder who encourages customer changes, there are always variations made for each customer. Every home we build bears the signature of its owners. Each member of staff – in the office, on-site or at our display homes – is encouraged to be flexible and show initiative. Our heritage as a family company building for families lies at the heart of our flexibility.

  • Our design service can assist modify any of our plans or customise your own. We would never want you to accept an inflexible template just because it simplifies the building process.
  • Flexibility continues as you select finishes and features with our interior design consultant. We involve you in the building process and have, over the years, accommodated all manner of changes and requests. We’re there to please.
  • Zuccala homes welcomes the opportunity to customise plans or quote and build your own design.

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