Zuccala Homes

What are the benefits of a rebuild?
  1. Building your dream home suited to your lifestyle without having to move to the outskirts of Melbourne.
  2. Accommodate your growing family without leaving your community, family, friends and amenities behind
  3. Avoid family disruption such as changing jobs or taking children out of schools
  4. Avoid the renovation and extension pitfalls such as being unable to build what you want due to construction restrictions and budget blow outs caused by unforeseen construction issues and costs.
  5. Avoid the hassle of buying and selling and the costs that come with real estate agent, legal fees and government stamp duty.
Why Knockdown & Rebuild with Zuccala Homes?
  1. Zuccala Homes was established in 1957 and is a family owned business that has been building quality homes for over 60 years.
  2. Making the decision to demolish your existing home and rebuild a new home can be an overwhelming experience and we understand that, which is why we will guide you through each step, keeping you constantly informed and educated on every step of the process.
  3. We can be a one stop shop from designing your new home to best suit your block, coordinating the demolition and building your home to suit your lifestyle.
  4. Unlike many other builders who mainly build in new estates our experienced team have been building established areas for many years and understand the complexities of the knockdown and rebuild process.
The Zuccala Knockdown Rebuild Process

Step 1 – Our team will undertake a preliminary site assessment to identify the site potential and any issues relating building on your site.
Step 2 – Our Consultant will meet with you to prepare a design brief based on your requirements. At this stage you will also receive an indication of the price.
Step 3 – A full site investigation will be undertaken including a feature survey, soil test and obtaining all property information from the relevant authorities.
Step 4 –Preparation of a concept design based on your brief. At the concept design meeting you will review the sketches and make any changes you require.
Step 5 –Preparation of a full set of plans and a tender document containing your project specifications and estimated price.
Step 6 – Interior Design. You will meet with our Interior design team where you will be guided through the selection of your colours, appliances, cabinetry, tapware, flooring and electrical.
Step 7 – Preparation of your Domestic Building Contract for your review and signature.
Step 8 –We will commence demolition once the contract is unconditional.
Step 9 – Construction commencement.
Step 10 – We handover your new dream home.

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