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Your ENd-To-End HOME Builders

The benefit of knockdown and rebuild

Rebuilding your dream home with Zuccala Homes means accommodating your growing family without leaving your community. Avoid the hassle of buying and selling, and the pitfalls of renovation and extension. 

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Avoid renovation pitfalls

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Get the true cost upfront

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No need to move

Why trust zuccala homes for your knockdown?

Over 60 years of building quality designed homes.

At Zuccala Homes, we guide you through each step of the knockdown and rebuild process. We are a one-stop-shop from designing your new home to co-ordinating demolition and construction. Our experienced team understands the complexities of the knockdown and rebuild process. 

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Family owned and operated

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Building for over 60 years

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History of quality

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    About 01 imges - Zuccala Homes
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    What is involved in knockdown and rebuilds?

    The Zuccala Homes knockdown rebuild process

    Our 10-step knockdown and rebuild process ensures your project’s success. From undertaking a preliminary site assessment, to preparing a design brief, our experts will guide you through every step towards your dream home.

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    Undertake a site assessment

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    Meet the consultant

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    Full site investigation

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    Prepare concept design

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    Prepare full set of plans

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    Meet the interior design team

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    Prepare domestic build contract

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    Commence demolition

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    Construction commences

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    Handover of your dream home